chs Golden Pride Band

Band Booster Meeting Minutes for 06/01/2015

Band Booster Meeting Minutes for June 1, 2015. 17 members present.

The Executive meeting was called to order at 1732 by Alice Parker.

A motion was made by Roxanne Stouffer to approve the minutes from May 2015 meeting and 2nd by Janet Helmcamp.

Treasurer's Report – $3054.72 + 3576.00 (banquet)= $6630.70

Fundraising –Please see attached fundraising report. Motion was made by Janice Sullivan to get flyers for the golf tournament on Sept. 5th. It was 2nd by Holly Gavitt. Vote was unanimous. Motion was made by Deborah Allison to set November 14, 2015 as the date for the fundraising event skeet shoot. It was 2nd by Janice Sullivan. Vote was unanimous. Picnic in the Park made about $1300.

High School Directors Report –State solos and ensembles results 3 gold medals and several silver. A trombone player was offered a scholarship to Baylor Band camp based on state performance. Wrapping up the year and accepting registration packets through the month of June.

Middle School Directors Report –Band camp will be August 10-12, 17, and 18th.

New Business -Election of new officers. The election of new officers for vacant positions, except the office of President, was tabled by Micah Hallman and 2nd by Shawna Foree. A nominating committee was created by board President Alice Parker. The committee consisted of Deborah Allison, Shawna Foree, and Carla Fenn. Vickie Kohl nominated Janice Sullivan as board President. This nomination was taken before the general meeting for a vote. General meeting approved Janice Sullivan as 2015-2016 Golden Pride Band Booster President with a unanimous vote on June 1, 2015. Returning band booster executive board members are 1st Vice President- Shawna Foree, Secretary- Vickie Kohl, treasurer- Carla Fenn, Historian/Publicity- Roxanne Stouffer, Hospitality Chair- Micah Hallman, Student refreshment/Feed the Kids Chair- Deborah Allison, and Spirit/Chaperone/First Aid Chair- Deborah Allison.
Meeting was adjourned at 1805.

Respectfully submitted
Vickie Kohl